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My last entry was about albums I would want to introduce my kids to. This got me thinking about what albums Mrs. Muffin would like to pass on. So, without any ado, here is the Hereditus Album from the most wonderful woman in the world. Thank you, honey bunny.

Hi there, Mrs. Muffin here, and I’ve been invited to guestblog here with a list of albums I think our kids need to hear. I feel that I should say up front that I’m not much of an album person – I was always more of a mixtape girl. As a result, my choices are essentially those few albums that I really love (or really loved once…iTunes has pretty much ruined me for albums). I should also say I would probably put Sgt. Pepper’s and Ben Folds Live on my list, too. So assume they’re there.

Highway 61 Revisited, Bob Dylan

The title track and “Tombstone Blues” remain in heavy rotation in the Muffin family wagon. I’m not a huge Dylan fan, but I can listen to this album start to finish over and over again.
(editor’s note: It is fracking impossible to find a decent Bob Dylan video on the interwebs, here’s a picture of the album)

Jesus Christ Superstar, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
I grew up listening to the Broadway Cast recording in my own mother’s record collection, but it didn’t do much for me. I first heard the motion picture soundtrack late in high school, and something about the production and the voices clicked. These days we watch the original movie and the version shot in 2000 every year at Eastertime.

Mellow Gold, Beck

The first time I heard “Loser,” I was hooked. Beck is one of the few artists I’ve seen live multiple times. Admittedly, Odelay is a better album and Midnight Vultures is my personal favorite, but Beck brought something new with Mellow Gold, and the tracks “Beercan” and “Soul Sucking Jerk” are too good not to share with the kids…when they’re a little older.

Human After All, Daft Punk
I can listen to this all day and all night. We already have dance parties based around the majority of this album, and the older of our little muffins is a budding fan.

Pinkerton, Weezer
This was an easy pick: it has all of my favorite Weezer songs on it. Absolute standout: The Good Life.

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