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So I was changing the strings on my bass the other day and then BAM! the tuning peg broke. Not cool. Especially since I was looking forward to playing. But these things happen. I was able to track down the tuning machine I needed at Twelfth Fret, a local repair shop. Piers Munro was super helpful. He found a machine that would fit the bass, but wouldn’t be right for the side I needed. He noticed that the machines already on there were able to be adjusted so they could fit on either side. I also needed a new E string. I got the tuning machine and the string for a grand total of $20. Perfect. He showed me what I need to do to switch the one tuning machine so it could fit on the other side and told me to come back if it didn’t work. Well, it worked beautifully. Below are some pics of the process.

The offending tuning machine

The offending tuning machine

Removed tuning machine

The new tuning machine

Twelfth Fret

Not broken machine removed

Not broken machine reversed

All back together (back)

All back together (front)

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