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Project time

3 years ago (WOW! yep 3 years) I teased about making a trip to a thrift shop and making a pedal board. That never happened. I didn’t need it really and then I had no effects pedals for awhile and so….

Here we are. I have been playing bass in Zombies Love Gizzards for over two years and now have a bass wah, an octave pedal, and a death metal distortion pedal(yes I use it with my bass). I now have a need for a way to carry these around for easy setup. So far I have just been stuffing them in the empty spaces in our guitarist’s pedal board to get to and from gigs.

On to my point. Today I acquired something that I will attempt to turn into a functional, utilitarian pedal board/carrying case. It’s going to involve power tools and….stuff. It’s a portable speaker cabinet. Still figuring out the specifics, but I know I am cutting this sucker in half.

Bee tee dubs, the original project idea I had 3 years ago was to turn a briefcase into a pedal board. Not an original idea, but still a worthwhile project. I may still do that some day.

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