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Clearly this has a little way to go, at least in my opinion, but this is pretty cool. Now I imagine some purists and snobs may have a problem with this, but if it gets to the point where you can hook it up to your head and get whatever music is in there out, then you will have the purest form of music. Again, just my opinion.


Led by an “emotional conductor” and a traditional one, music and video change in time with the performers’ brain waves and heart rate.

According to the work’s producer, the orchestra aims to “see what the brain can do without the body”.

Adjacent to the EEG-capped players, the “emotional conductor” sits comfortably, wearing a pair of virtual reality glasses.

She is being shown images from a series created by artist Behdad Rezazadeh while her heart rate and skin conductance are being measured. Her heart rate is plotted along with the EEG traces.

As her mood changes, so does the visual experience – Rezazadeh’s images are blurred and changed in line with the changing biological measures of the conductor.


Some profanity below, watch your ears kids.

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