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So, I have had a great bass wah for awhile. And I have pretty much left it at ZLG HQ for practice. When I recently built a pedal board for myself I realized that it didn’t have the feet on it. Well, I knew it didn’t, but I was reminded. I thought, “Hey, I’ll just order some”, but what I found online, while affordable ($3.50) was going to cost me $4 in shipping?! I hit some local music shops, but no luck. One guy on a message board said he just called Dunlop up and they sent him a free set. Lucky *cough* liar *cough* him.
Well, I found a totally usable set at my local hardware store. That’s right! At the hardware store. AND it only cost me $1.50. The screws that came with it were to big, so I grabbed some others I had lying around that were the right width, but too long. No problem I cut them down. BAM! No more duck tape holding this pedal together.


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