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You may have read the first pedal project here. Or maybe you didn’t. Either way this is a similar yet altogether different project that is almost exactly the same. Quick recap: I found some parts form an abandoned bookcase and decided to recycle, reduce, and reuse.


First I did a little painting for aesthetics followed by the requisite pre-drilling.



Then screwed everything together.

We’re screwed!

Here’s where the really sweet part comes in. I had a handle I rescued from an abandoned carspeaker cab. I attached that and was ready to go!

Rescued handel parts.

We’re screwed again!

Look! It works!!

It’s alive!

Now all I have to do is buy more pedals and I can start using it. Eventually I will attach the pedals the same way I did on the shortboard-with eye screws and zip ties!


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So, a very long time ago I mentioned doing a pedalboard project involving a briefcase. That never happened. Then I found an emptied out speaker cab and I thought I would turn that into a pedalboard. That never happened. But then magic struck. A kind fairy abandoned an inexpensive particle board bookcase adjacent to the refuse bins.

Observe the magical materials!

I had enough to build two pedalboards, so I did. A short one for use now and a larger one for my dream setup.

Long board parts.

Short board materials.

I left the long board materials intact and cut the short board materials down. The short board was pretty easy. Once I had the parts cut I just needed to screw the foot piece on and BAM!

Side view of the short board.

Then it was just a matter of placing the pedals and marking where I needed to put the eye screws and screw them in.

Fancy pen marks fancy.


Look! It works! Just set the pedals, loop the zip ties through and tighten away.



An added bonus is that my pedals now defy gravity!


To be continued…

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