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Wherein I attempt to mod a guitar and give it a steampunk vibe.


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You may have read my post on steampunk and music awhile back, you may not. Anyway here’s a link: Steampunk and music

And an update. You can now order one. The details are on the Steampunk Workshop here.

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I’ve been interested in the whole steampunk thing for a little while. It’s neat and fun. In my research to learn more about it I ran into The Steampunk Workshop. It’s run by Jake Von Slatt and he is very knowledgeable about a whole host of things, but is a particularly fantastic font of information on all things steampunk. Awhile back he completed a nifty steampunk guitar pick guard and just recently completed a steampunk amp. I have included pictures below, but I highly recommend checking out his website. There are lots of fun projects he has completed as well as links with which one may delve further into the steampunk oeuvre.

Steampunk StratSteampunk Amp

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