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I recently acquired an older model Carvin SX-200 that I think is from the 90s. I got a pretty good deal. I traded a Cry Baby 535Q and a little cash. It doesn’t have the SmartEffects™ that the newer models have, but this baby is awesome. The clean is super clean, almost no breakup unlike Marshall or Fender and and it is not as tinny or twangy as either as well. The dirty channel is a lot like a Tube Screamer with heavier gain. The two 12″ speakers are Celestion which matches really well with the tube emulator circuit. It has a British feel and yet is wholly unique. Also, this amp is LOUD. You would have no trouble in a small to medium venue. And if you wind up in an arena it has a speaker output to connect a 2×12 or 4×12 speaker cabinet if you want, plus, you know, they have PA systems typically. I must admit I have a bit of a dilemma. I got this amp mostly to combine it with some other items and trade for a really awesome 1×12 since I don’t need anything bigger than that. But, I really love the sound and the look. Anyway, here are some pictures for you.


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