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Been very busy since December. In the past few months I have been writing and recording music more or less non-stop. In December Mrs. Muffin and I worked on original Christmas songs. In January we did all electronic music. And in February we wrote 14.5 songs as part of FAWM.
March was supposed to be about honing. Working on the material we have and learning new instruments. But, honestly, we are a little wiped from the last three months. We finally, just in the last few days, started looking at the material we have and what gets to stay. And this weekend Mrs. Muffin picked up her violin and I my glockenspiel!
I’ve thought about writing a post about Lana Del Ray. This will have to suffice for now: I do not understand people who knew about her and were fans of her and were still shocked by her awkwardness on SNL. She is very clearly awkward in the video for “Video Games.” It doesn’t look like a put on for the camera. It looks like genuine awkwardness.

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