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So, I have had a great bass wah for awhile. And I have pretty much left it at ZLG HQ for practice. When I recently built a pedal board for myself I realized that it didn’t have the feet on it. Well, I knew it didn’t, but I was reminded. I thought, “Hey, I’ll just order some”, but what I found online, while affordable ($3.50) was going to cos me $4 in shipping?! I hit some local music shops, but no luck. One guy on a message board said he just called Dunlop up and they sent him a free set. Lucky *cough* liar *cough him.
Wel, I found a totally usable set at my local hardware store. That’s right! At the hardware store. AND it only cost me $1.50. The screws that came with it were to big, so I grabbed some others I had lying around that were the right width, but too long. No problem I cut them down. BAM! No more duck tape holding this pedal together.


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So, last night one of the bands I am in, Zombies Love Gizzards, was on Anarchy Radio! We had a blast. You can click the following link and listen. We com in around the 1:28:00 mark. Got to talk about ourselves and they play 4 of our songs!


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One of my bands, Zombies Love Gizzards, will be playing at 10pm this Saturday Oct 13 at The Red Room located at 2530 NE 82nd Ave, Portland, Oregon 97220.
Please come check us out. It will look something like this…NSFW

We also have an album you can purchase here: http://zombieslovegizzards.bandcamp.com/

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Hello all. My band, Zombies Love Gizzards, has recently finished recording an album. We are super proud of it. It was an amazing experience. A very good friend, Circus Bear, helped us immensely and produced and engineered it. We recorded the music live and then went back and did vocals and added some bells and whistles. It’s 13 songs for $7. I feel very privileged to play with the two guys I do. So, here’s the link, please give it a listen.


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Been awhile since I blogged. Been a bit busy. New job, new band, and doing music projects with Mrs. Muffin.
Anyway, I have found my way back here to pimp my new band, Zombies Love Gizzards. I slap-a duh-bass. It’s good times.
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And Oh yeah, I did an 8-bit version of one of our songs

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